Silent, Smooth & Suave. India’s First Electric Sedan! Mahindra E- Verito


Silent, Smooth & Suave. India’s First Electric Sedan! Mahindra E- Verito

Speaking about the advent of electric vehicles in the country, Mahesh Babu, CEO of Mahindra Electric stated that over the last decade, the technology has been moving at an astonishing pace:  We moved from landlines to wireless, to mobile phones, to a time where every person carries a communication device on them… all in less than 10 years! The mobility sector is no stranger to this movement.

Further he added that the mobility industry in India, supporting one of the largest populations, is also the fastest and a rapidly growing economy with approximately only 25/1000 penetration of vehicles in India. Also, given the circumstances in India, the mobility sector has had to innovate, grow and reimagine things constantly, be it sharing or going sustainable.
We have growing cities, which are putting constant pressures on our resources of land and environments. A quick glance at the numbers highlight that between 2014 and 2050, close to 400 million Indians will be urbanized (World Bank Projections). As early as 2030, we will have at least 7 megacities with a population of 10 million plus, and almost 50 cities each with a population over 1 million.

These concentrated masses of people need us to rethink mobility in a manner which addresses not just congestion but also pollution.


While India races to the future with mass rapid transportation systems, advanced connectivity and vehicle sharing models; it needs to find ways to make mobility sustainable and the best alternative, hence, is to use shared electric mobility – reducing the carbon footprint for all passengers. The need for electric mass mobility and sustainable last mile connectivity stems from here.

Owing to this very idea is the basis of Mahindra Electric, a fleet of electric cars.

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The electronic mobility segment has the potential to become more organized and be greener and more sustainable, and there are several models that can support this. An interesting sustainable mobility application in the city is in the space of shared employee commute and fleet applications of EVs. Today, India is standing at a tipping point. We have a past which boasts of the widest range of vehicles – two wheelers, three wheelers, cars, LCVs, HCVs etc., powering mobility for the economy. And now we are building a new future with a mobility ecosystem which is sustainable, green, connected, shared and yet serving the unique Indian requirements. As a nation, we are going to integrate everything and present one of the largest EV ecosystem models across economies as the world is looks up to us.

The Mahindra E- Verito is a one of its kind vehicle in this journey, an Electric Sedan from Mahindra

Now enjoy the luxury of being electric and connected. Powered by the latest EV drivetrain from Mahindra Electric, this sedan offers exceptionally smooth and noiseless driving experience with first in class features like regenerative booking and telematics. The e-verito can be charged at home and can also be quick charged in 1 hr 45 minutes.

Make sure you visit Mahindra dealer in Nizamabad to test drive the new Mahindra e- Verito to experience its seamless drive and features first hand. Here’s what you should look out for.


The future of tomorrow looks greener with the all-electric eVerito


Experience futuristic technology that helps set your all-electric eVerito apart from other cars. Because the e-verito is a battery electric vehicle, it has zero tail pipe emissions. In fact, it doesn’t even have a tailpipe. Making it completely emissions-free. Patent to Mahindra Electric, the REVive technology helps your anxiety by giving you a few additional kilometres in case you run out of charge. You can access REVive by contacting us from the car’s instrument cluster. Now let’s introduce you to another interesting techno advance – the Regenerative Braking; This revolutionary technology (First in India) charges the e-verito’s battery every time its brakes are applied, helping the car literally recover the energy it dispenses.

How is this possible you ask? Each time you hit the brakes, or the times when you don’t use the accelerator, the kinetic energy of the car is converted into electric energy and charges the electric car.



The Boost Mode allows an instant torque to zoom with maximum momentum right from the minute you start. Also, this all-electric sedan doesn’t only look good from the outside, but also from the inside furnished with the best comforts and spacious interiors. With a Direct Drive transmission, the eVerito operates without a conventional gear box – which means no clutch! This translates to zero mechanical reduction resulting in maximum efficiency and maximum savings. The telematics system of the eVerito tracks close to 190 performance and health related parameters of your car and sends them to a central framework. This helps us identify a problem and allows us to fix it immediately. Home Charging the eVerito is one of its most efficient features. Simply charge your mobile phone. Just plug it into a 15 amp plug point and get a 0-100% charge in just 8 hours 45 mins. The Fast Charging mode allows the e-verito to charge readily. Use this feature for extended journeys and get 0-80% charge in 1 hour 45 mins* at a Mahindra Electric Fast Charging Station. Hill-Hold Control is a unique safety feature which prevents the car from rolling backwards on an incline.


Save more when you drive the all-electric eVerito


Say goodbye to ever fluctuating fuel cost. The running cost of the e- verito is just Rs.1.15/km, considering cost of the electricity Rs7/unit, the car needs 18 units for full charge, ad has range of 110km. The eVerito comes with 72V battery pack of long-life, maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries. Zero-combustion model means fewer moving parts. That means less chances of parts failing and lower cost of maintenance.

See for yourself:


Car Variants D2(BASE MODEL) D4 D6
Ex Showroom Price ₹12,67,154 ₹12,93,161 ₹13,03,189
RTO ₹12,671 ₹12,931 ₹13,031
Insurance Amount ₹49,605 ₹50,491 ₹50,833
Others ₹12,671 ₹12,931 13,031
On Road Price ₹13,42,102 ₹13,69,516 ₹13,80,086


And what’s more? The fusion of low-cost IoT-enabled sensors and disruptive technologies has allowed a holistic mobility solution termed NEMO (NExt-generation Mobility).

Mahindra Electric’s vision of mobility is all-encompassing and aims to bring together the entire ecosystem to make India’s vision for 2030 closer to be a reality. NEMO Life is to be a connected App that allows customers to connect and communicate with their vehicle. They can access a host of convenient features such as trip planning, remote car control, driving performance, etc.  NEMO provides contextual content and real-time insights to streamline operations and increase ROI.

The future applications of the NEMO platform are endless opportunities to better the way we look at e-mobility. It is not only limited to fleet owners and personal users, but the entire ecosystem of electric shared mobility.


So, you stay connected with your car.



Convenience: Manage multiple cars through one app, get reminders to service your car, let the app remind you to stick to a healthy charging schedule, get low battery alerts and voice alerts while you are driving, all through the convenience of your Smartphones.

Safety and Security: Manage multiple verified users for your car through user authentication. Rest assured your car will be safe with alerts for unlocked doors or handbrake not engaged.

Control: Use the NEMO Life – to remotely control your car – lock/unlock doors, start or stop charging or even check your cabin temperature and set to pre-cool during hot summers.

Trip Planning: One app to check if your car can complete your planned trip or how much more charge you needs to reach your destination. Forget range anxiety with all the information right at your fingertips, just tap and drive.

Assistance: NEMO Life helps you during contingencies with 24×7 road side assistance and extra emergency range with REVive. Also book your services and browse through reference material to know your car better.

Social: Doing your bit for the environment? Let your friends and family know about it! Easy login into NEMO Life with your social profiles and share eco-savings and contributions.

Do you really need more reason to not just sit and wait on the Mahindra e- Verito?  Test drive the car yourself today at Automotive Mahindra.